Large hotels, small flats and AirBNB  – our solution makes it possible to combine up to 250 rooms.

We use Кeysoft from the very beginning and we are very satisfied having a lot of useful functions

Mr. Rüden


My husband and me have 4 flats for renting and we manage them using Keysoft

Ms. Kahly


My friends and I have several flats throughout Germany, and they are always under control thanks to Keysoft

Mr. Zarki

AirBNB Profi

Keysoft Hardware

In addition to Keysoft Cloud, you need suitable equipment for your doors

  • Wireless door system with Bluetooth
  • Easy to install
  • 1-year battery power
  • PIN code system
  • Fingerprint scanning or RFID
  • Optional remote control or fixed PIN code for the personnel
  • Keysoft Hardware
  • Keysoft Cloud is PMS

    Are you a hotel business operator and do you manage several hotels or apartments? So, create your objects and start managing

    • •payment system
    • •booking calendar
    • •automatic SMS sending
    • •check-in terminal at the entrance
    • •emergency code sending
    • •creation of check-in confirmation according to the Law On Citizens Registration at the Place of Stay and Residence
    • •hotel personnel management
    • •coupons and special offers: 100% creation of coupons and special offers
  • Keysoft Cloud is PMS
  • Кeysoft Channel Manager

    We help you to link to more than 50 sales channels

    • •Google Hotels
    • •
    • •
    • •
    • •
    • •
    • •and many other portals
  • Кeysoft Channel Manager
    • How Keysoft works


      Hotel access system


      PMS software


      Channel Manager


      Keysoft is a software feature providing you with comprehensive monitoring of your costs

      Base rate
      $20 /mo
      per month
      Log in own portal
      24/7 reliable online data processing point
      Keysoft data automatic backup
      Keysoft automatic update
      Single initial charge of 199€
      12-duration with further possible monthly termination
      plus charges for Channelmanager
      Control each door
      $10 /mo
      per month
      Guests accommodation, event management and planning, check-in
      Room allocation and control
      Automatic sending of a guest’s code by SMS or e-mail
      Unlimited SMS feature
      Review of booked/ free rooms
      Minimum 12-duration with further possible monthly termination
      Single initial charge of 199€
      From 1 to 4 doors of the rooms
      $10 /mo
      Annual payment
      Special offer for rented flats and small hotels
      No main contribution! Single Нет основного взноса! Uniform rate per month for 1-4 rooms
      12-duration with further possible monthly termination
      Single initial charge of 199€
      without Channelmanager - only available in hotelpackage

      Get no-cost consultation

      Your personal customs manager  will contact you within 24 hours

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