Take your hotel business management to the next level with comprehensive automation of your guests' lifecycle. Starting from booking imports and payments, to automated room access — your guests will experience only the best.

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Manage efficiently

Keysoft Core Features

Everything you need for efficient and modern hotel management in one platform.

KeySoft provides a comprehensive set of tools that help hotels optimize their operational processes, enhance guest satisfaction, and increase revenue. Harness the advantages of digitization with KeySoft.

Automated room access

Offer your guests a safe and contactless entry with digital access.

Digital Registration Form

Legally compliant form for easy guest data registration.

Guest Assistant App

All hotel information and access to services in one web application. Guests can easily take actions for a better stay.

Guest Communication System

Easily stay in touch with your guests and send important updates through email, WhatsApp or SMS.

Integrated Payment Solution

Facilitate online transactions and grant room access automatically upon successful payment.

Personal Hotel Website

Get the opportunity to have a personal website for direct booking and promotion of your hotel business.

Feel the impact

Real Results for Your Business

Boost your business's potential with clear insights. The following stats showcase how our solutions can drive change, optimize operations, and increase your profitability.

Up to16%
Revenue Increase
Expect a rise in repeat bookings, contributing to higher annual profits, thanks to our software.
Up to30%
Higher Guest Satisfaction
With our Guest Assistant and Communication System, guest interactions become more efficient, leading to improved guest satisfaction.
Up to-40%
Admin Work
Significantly reduce your operational tasks with a suite of automation solutions.
Up to60%
Faster Check-ins
Streamlined by our digital registration form and automated room access.
Effortless Transition to Automation

How Our System Works?

We offer a comprehensive approach to automating your hotel business, from the installation and integration of hardware to ensuring a safe and comfortable arrival for your guest. Explore the main steps of our process below.

Step 1.

Hardware Installation

The first step towards automating your property is to replace traditional locks with technologically advanced electronic locks from Burg-Wächter. Our installation teams will carry out this process as quickly as possible, usually within one day. Afterwards, we create a personalised account for you in our software, configure it according to your preferences and requirements. Both hardware and software are powered by the most advanced technology, ensuring reliable performance and security of your data.

Bluetooth 5.2
Google Cloud
Step 2.

Training and Integration

The next step is to introduce and train you and your staff on how to use our software. Our team will provide all the necessary explanations and answer all your questions so that you can easily start managing the system and processing bookings. For even greater usability, we will integrate Keysoft with your existing PMS system to exchange bookings quickly and enable online payments to streamline the booking process even further, if you are interested in doing so.

PayPalVisaMasterCardMaestroAmerican Express
Step 3.

Guest Communication

We understand the importance of continuous and high-quality communication with your guests. After making a reservation, guests automatically receive a message with the details of their booking through the most convenient methods: email, SMS message or WhatsApp. On the eve of their arrival, our system generates and sends a unique access code to the reserved room.

Step 4.

Guest Check-in

After their arrival, guests can easily access their rooms at any time of day using their unique access code. This entry system eliminates the need for traditional keys or cards and offers a modern and secure approach. It's important to note that after the reservation period ends, the access code will automatically expire and stop working, ensuring the room's security for the next guests. Hotel owners can be confident that only authorized guests will have access during the booking period and the room will remain secure after their departure.

Boost Speed of Your Check-ins with Self-Service Terminal

Empower your guests and streamline your operations with our self-service check-in terminal. This innovative solution allows guests to effortlessly book, pay, and register without waiting in line at the front desk. Enhance efficiency, reduce staff workload, and elevate your hotel's overall operational standards.

Self-service check-in terminal for streamlined hotel operations
Johann Löwen - expert guide on our hotel software and hardware solutions
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Your guide to our software: Johann Löwen

Interested in enhancing your hotel's operations? Johann Löwen is your go-to expert on our software and hardware solutions. He's dedicated to providing insights and tailored advice to ensure you make the most of our offerings. Feel free to connect with him for a detailed discussion or any queries.

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Get acquainted with the stories of our clients who have already gained significant benefits by integrating KeySoft into their hotel business.

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